Corporate Information

  • Origin

TodoStartups was born as a Blog for Entrepreneurs, Startups and Internet Businesses in June 2010, headed by Pablo Martínez, a technical industrial engineer. In 2013, Arturo de las Heras, President of Grupo Educativo CEF.- Centre for Financial Studies, and Universidad a Distancia de Madrid (UDIMA) learnt about TodoStartups from Linkedin, and contacted Pablo Martínez.

In November 2014, the website became the property of the educational institution, whose mission since then has been to provide entrepreneurs, especially in the field of technology, a journalism platform from which to publicise their innovative initiatives.

Its ultimate goal is to create, both in Spain and in Latin America, an ideal online ecosystem for startups, businesses, entrepreneurs and investors, and one which enters into the informational sectors of creation, innovation, education, politics, economy and research.

In its pages, TodoStartups combines the news written by its journalists responsible for the main events of the ecosystem, with periodic collaboration by experts in the portal’s areas of interest. This creates a symbiosis which favours entrepreneurship and public knowledge of their most significant projects.

TodoStartups is linked to the Research Group in Social and Technological Sciences (GICSOT) of Universidad a Distancia de Madrid (UDIMA) and coordinated by Ana Landeta.

This group is a research platform that supports a new generation of scientific studies in the area of Humanities.

Additionally, it has been registered as an official research group in the National R&D&I Plan. It is also accredited by the National Agency for Assessment and Forecasting (ANEP in Spanish) and will become eligible for the María de Maetzu seal of quality of the Secretariat of State for R&D&I in its third year.

  • Audiovisual contents

Texts and interviews are complemented with the production of television and radio divisions.

TodoStartups TV, in its two sets in Madrid Capital and Collado-Villalba, produces on average 4 interviews per month, both with upcoming and established entrepreneurs, in addition to two weekly slots on aid for entrepreneurs sponsored by MNH Licitaciones, directed and presented by Martina Naranjo.

TodoStartups Radio is centred around the website’s radio studio itself, where the weekly podcast “Startups Fun” on current affairs and interviews on entrepreneurship directed and presented by the journalist Ángel Largo, is recorded.

  • Corporate purpose

Its corporate purpose is:

– Creating activities related to production, promotion, commercialisation and other website activities.

– Advertising, ad campaigns and public relations.

– Performing all kinds of activities related to e-commerce.

– Providing management and intermediary services meant especially although not exclusively, for entities in the sector of new technologies.

– Developing promotional and broadcasting activities to boost the creation and development of technological firms.

– Providing advisory and consultancy services to companies for managing technological projects.

– Teaching all kinds of disciplines, organising training courses and operating all kinds of educational centres.

– The drafting, printing, editing, publishing, distribution and sale of all kinds of books, notes, printed matter and magazines, in both physical and electronic media.

The listed activities can be performed by the entire or part of the Company, either
directly or indirectly, even through share ownership or holdings in companies with
similar or identical goals.

  • Social Networks

TodoStartups registers around 600,000 visits/year. On Social Networks, their presence in numbered at 170,599 followers on Twitter; 12,269 on Facebook; 4,094 on LinkedIn and 598 on Instagram.


Twitter: @todostartups


Instagram: todostartups_

  • Structure


Chairman: Arturo de las Heras

Vicechairman: Ana Landeta

Managing Director: Juan Luis Rubio

Editor-in-chief: Luis Miguel Belda

Web Design:

Head of Web Architecture: Javier Fernández

Marketing: José Enrique Jiménez

Editorial Staff:

Writer and Community Manager: Ana Lacasa

Writer: Alberto Orellana

Writer: Rocío González

Writer: Helena Aznar

Writer: Germán Barrientos

Writer: Álvaro Peinador

Writer: Daniel Martínez

Writer: Javier de la Nava

Writer: Juan Fernández del Rivero

Writer: Laura García Sanchís


Correspondent in Havana (Cuba): Sandra Madiedo

Correspondent in Medellín (Colombia): Santiago Arias

Correspondent in Buenos Aires (Argentina): María Ducós


Martina Naranjo

Josep Miracle

Óscar José Vicente Plaza

Luis Tramón

Gemma Rubio

Audiovisual Technicians:

Head of Production: Raúl Pérez

Technician: Daniel Fiunte (Set 1)

Technician: Miguel Cañavate (Set 1)

Technician: Gonzalo Pazos (Set 2)

Technician: Mar de los Santos (Set 2)

  • Location and Contact

Address: Paseo del General Martínez Campos, 5, 28010 Madrid

Management Contact: Ana Landeta (Managing Director)

Editorial Contact: Luis Miguel Belda (Editor-in-chief)

Telephone: 619 249 228