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3 Hacks to get into hottest Silicon valley startups'Harbus blog posts: 3 Hacks to get into hottest Silicon valley Startups Disclaimer: This post represents my personal views informed by my own search and these worked for me. I'm happy to discuss what worked for some other people and welcome comments on my thoughts.   a. Start working for them before you get the job This demonstrates that you can be very valuable from day 1, are proactive about value creation, and need minimal management. Startups love applicants that demonstrate their potential by delivering value to the startup before they get an offer. It also shows commitment to value creation before value capture – which one can argue is at the core of the startup ethos.     b. Become a power user of the product It's difficult to make your case for the job if you haven't already used the product (more applicable to consumer Startups). Having used the company’s product or service materially affects one's ability to create value on the job as […]

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