Is SEC on Track to Make Fundraising Easier for Startups?’ #tsNews!

Is SEC on Track to Make Fundraising Easier for Startups?'  The Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act, or more simply known as the JOBS Act, was supposed to make it less complicated for entrepreneurs to raise capital by easing security regulations. You might recall it passed on bipartisan support, and became law in April 2012. But under the law, unless the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) reverses its philosophy, Startups will find it even more challenging to raise capital, says Seattle attorney Joe Wallin. He’s a partner in the Seattle office of Davis Wright Tremaine. Mr. Wallin agrees the JOBS Act treats accredited investors favorably in the offerings with the law’s repeal of the ban on general solicitation. However, he points out Startups will find it too arduous to raise funds, if the SEC adopts its proposed rules. The rules would amend Regulation D and Form D for entrepreneurs. “The proposed rules are deeply flawed in that they will substantially increase the cost and complexity for Startups […]

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